About Me

Howdy. I'm Henry Luker, as the name of this site may suggest, and I'm currently a senior computer science undergrad at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I also work for Rod Library as a computer technician, and previously worked at my local school district in both digital media and IT roles.

My primary specialty is in IT client support, but also dabble in other areas including system administration, web development, and programming, just to name a few. Outside of technology, I also have interests in meteorology, politics, sports, and the outdoors. 

What I'm Listening To

Top 5 Songs

1 When You're Gone
Shawn Mendes
11 scrobbles
2 Take My Hand
5 Seconds of Summer
9 scrobbles
3 Loving
9 scrobbles
4 As It Was
Harry Styles
9 scrobbles
5 hate my favorite band
9 scrobbles

Top 5 Albums

1 Reckless
Morgan Wade
36 scrobbles
2 Red (Taylor's Version)
Taylor Swift
35 scrobbles
3 Change Of Scenery II
Quinn XCII
31 scrobbles
4 Where We Started
Thomas Rhett
26 scrobbles
5 When I Close My Eyes
Chelsea Cutler
18 scrobbles

Top 5 Artists

1 Taylor Swift 98 scrobbles
2 Morgan Wade 39 scrobbles
3 Quinn XCII 38 scrobbles
4 Thomas Rhett 33 scrobbles
5 5 Seconds of Summer 30 scrobbles

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